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You Can Have A Home-Based Business In The United Kingdom

Friday, September 30th, 2011

You Can Have A Home-Based Business In The United Kingdom What does it take to succeed as a home based business owner in The United Kingdom? I believe that the most important quality is dedication. I operate a direct sales business in my The United Kingdom home. My network includes over 1000 Nuggetts distributors.

Many of my team members had never operated a home business before they launched their Nuggetts business. However, they were committed to learning on the job. Perseverance is the key. Of course, they all brought the skills they had acquired in their previous positions and applied them to their new venture.

What are your skills? Do you work in the tech support department for a large England online retailer? Are you a persuasive Poole sales rep? Are you a Winchester domestic technician (stay at home mom) who is a multi-tasking pro?

If so, you can build an income-generating home based business and supplement your income. If you would like to learn about the Nuggetts opportunity, you can email me at or call me at +447973982086.


Treating The United Kingdom Kids’ Minor Cuts And Bumps

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Treating The United Kingdom Kids' Minor Cuts And Bumps

Spending lots of time outside is important for healthy kids in The United Kingdom, and with all that outdoor adventure come the inevitable bumps, scrapes, and cuts. But parents in the Southampton, Poole, and Winchester areas shouldn’t fear, all you need to know are a few simple steps for treating your children’s minor injuries.

A minor cut should stop bleeding on its own, but using a clean cloth and applying gentle pressure may be necessary.

Once bleeding has stopped, rinse the wound with water and pull out any debris with alcohol-cleansed tweezers. The area around the wound can be cleaned with mild soap and a washcloth, no hydrogen peroxide or alcohol is necessary.

Once the wound is clean, apply a thin layer of antibiotic cream or ointment. Appropriate topical antibiotics can be found at any drugstore in the The United Kingdom area. Next, you should cover your child’s wound with a bandage. When the bandage becomes wet or dirty it should be changed. Once a wound has healed enough to keep infection out, bandages should not be used since air exposure will speed your child’s healing.

Remember to watch for signs of infection such as redness, drainage, increased pain, swelling, or warmth. Contact your Southampton, Poole, or Winchester area pediatrician if you have any other concerns.

I’m Andy Vining of The United Kingdom,
England. Children’s health in England is very important to me. I am the owner of a The United Kingdom home business that sells a nutritional chocolate product. If you are interested in learning more, visit my web site at or call me at +447973982086.

Multiple Income Streams In The United Kingdom

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Multiple Income Streams In The United Kingdom

Hello The United Kingdom entrepreneurs! I can show you how to start a home business even if you don’t have any experience. I am a network marketer who sells Nuggetts and Nuggetts. My business is based in my home town of The United Kingdom, England but I sell Nuggetts all over the country. It is also making inroads in several foreign countries.

My Nuggetts organization has been expanding as my community is slowly bouncing back from the global recession. Nuggetts sales have been increasing for the past few years, despite the downturn.

Smart The United Kingdom people establish multiple streams of income. Life can be scary if you are dependent on just one paycheck. If you would like to start establishing multiple income channels, I invite you to join my team. Call me today!

Andy Vining +447973982086

Fun Family Business In England

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Fun Family Business In England Remember the days in The United Kingdom when family businesses were everywhere? Did you ever visit a small grocery store where Mom, Dad, and kids worked together to stock shelves, sell product, and sweep the floor? Seasonal fruit stands, restaurants, handicraft boutiques, and dry cleaning establishments also attracted enterprising families in the England area. You don’t see as many family businesses these days.

I have a large Nuggetts network where the family business is alive and well.

Many of my affiliates have turned their Nuggetts organizations into family businesses. They utilize all of their family members’ talents: website management, order processing, online marketing, and customer service. Running an MLM is a great way to help kids develop a good work ethic and learn business skills.

Even if you operate it on your own, your Nuggetts business can certainly benefit your family. My family is happier since I became a Nuggetts business owner in England. When my network grew large enough for me to quit my day job, my spouse and kids celebrated. We spend a lot more time together doing the things we love.

It is a great time to start a family friendly career with Nuggetts. Join my team today to enjoy the home business lifestyle. I can be reached at +447973982086 or

SpongeBob Doesn’t Care About Your England Child’s Health

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

SpongeBob Doesn't Care About Your England Child's Health

National and local England food advertisers can sabotage your The United Kingdom child’s health. Food manufacturers, like most England corporations, are motivated by profit, not by what’s best for The United Kingdom kids.

Their tools are deceptive language, cartoon characters, celebrities, and false promises of popularity. The United Kingdom parents can help youth better handle the constant media barrage by teaching them:

The components of a healthy diet
The implied messages and false promises of The United Kingdom food ads
Nutritional balance and moderation
How to read and understand England food labels
How excessive TV watching and internet viewing can affect health

If you encounter a local The United Kingdom food ad that is deceptive, contact the England Better Business Bureau. To complain about national ads, send a letter to the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, Council of Better Business Bureaus, 845 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022.

Nothing will change until England families unite to fight deceptive advertising aimed at The United Kingdom children. For more information on children’s nutrition in England, call me today.

Andy Vining The United Kingdom, England BH24 2EB +447973982086

Prevent Classroom Sickness In Southampton

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Prevent Classroom Sickness In Southampton

To curb the spread of viruses, lice, and other kid’s health threats in Southampton schools, parents need to teach their kids proper hygiene practices and review them on a regular basis.

Here is a rundown of some unwelcome classroom visitors and steps to combat them:

  • Head lice: wash hands frequently, don’t share combs, hats, scarves.
  • Ringworm (skin infection with circular lesions, not actually caused by worms): keep sores covered, don’t share combs or clothing.
  • Pinkeye: vigilant hand washing can help stop the spread. Southampton parents should keep kids home if their eyes are pink or draining fluid.
  • Colds, flu, strep: anti-bacterial wipes and no-rinse hand sanitizer can supplement soap and water scrubbing. Remind kids not to share drinks, snacks, lotion, chap stick, and lip gloss.

Southampton children who know and practice these safeguards will be prepared when the next H1N1 threat visits England.

I promote children’s health issues in England. For information on my health business, contact me today.

The Xocai Chocolate man Andy Vining
The United Kingdom, England zip code BH24 2EB